Artist, and Lover of Water


Water-Type Pokemon

Trainer Class

Gym Leader


Rain Badge

Overworld Sprite

Wallace Overworld


Wallace is a Hoenn Gym Leader. He specializes in Water-type Pokemon.


370LuvdiscLuvdisc lv 40

  1. Charm
  2. Water Gun
  3. Tackle
  4. Agility

340WhiscashWhiscash lv 42

  1. Mud Sport
  2. Mud-slap
  3. Zen Headbutt
  4. Tickle

364SealeoSealeo lv 40

  1. Encore
  2. Water Gun
  3. Growl
  4. Powder Snow

119SeakingSeaking lv 42

  1. Tail Whip
  2. Poison Jab
  3. Water Sport
  4. Peck

350MiloticMilotic lv 43

  1. Water Sport
  2. Wrap
  3. Water Gun
  4. Refresh


  • His Pokemon are all Water-type. Grass / Electric Pokemon will do well here!
    • You can find Turtwig and Snivy in Winona's map.

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