Steven Stone


Steel-Type Pokemon

Trainer Class

Champion, Stone collector


League Champion Steven

Overworld Sprite

Steven stone overworld


Steven is the Champion of the Hoenn Pokemon Leage. He specializes in Steel-type Pokemon.


227SkarmorySkarmory Lv 57

  1. Peck
  2. Swift
  3. Sand-attack
  4. Leer

OClaydolClaydol Lv 55

  1. Harden
  2. Teleport
  3. Confuision
  4. Rapid Spin

OaggronAggron Lv 56

  1. Headbutt
  2. Harden
  3. Tackle
  4. Mud-slap

OcradilyCradily Lv 56

  1. Acid
  2. Constrict
  3. Ingrain
  4. Astonish

OarmaldoArmaldo Lv 56

  1. Harden
  2. Mud Sport
  3. Water Gun
  4. Scratch

OmetagrossMetagross Lv 58

  1. Metal Claw
  2. Take Down
  3. Confusion
  4. Magnet Rise

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