This is the first route in the game.


This route is in the UnovaRPG World.


Volbeat (Lv. 6-10)

Foongus (Lv. 12-15)

Shiny Foongus (Lv. 13)

Patrat (Lv. 17-19)

Shiny Patrat (Lv. 20)

Electrike (Lv. 10-15)

Shiny Electrike (Lv. 13)

Spinarak (Lv. 5-7)

Shiny Spinarak (Lv. 5)

Burmy (Lv. 4-5)

Shiny Burmy (Lv. 4)

Wurmple (Lv. 7-9)

Diggersby (Lv. 10-16)

Ledyba (Lv. 5-10)

Caterpie (Lv. 4-9)

Shiny Caterpie (Lv. 5)

Yanma (Lv. 6-8)

Weedle (Lv. 4-5)

Shiny Weedle (Lv. 7)


Nothing really special about it. But it is a great place for starting players.

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