The Teacher of Winter's Harshness


Ice-Type Pokemon

Trainer Class

Gym Leader


Glacier Badge

Overworld Sprite

Pryce Overworld


Pryce is a Johto Gym Leader. He specializes in Ice-type Pokemon.


OseelSeel lv 100

  1. Icy Wind
  2. Headbutt
  3. Growl
  4. Water Sport

OdelibirdDelibird lv 100

  1. Present

OdewgongDewgong lv 100

  1. Headbutt
  2. Signal Beam
  3. Icy Wind
  4. Growl

OpiloswinePiloswine lv 100

  1. Mud Sport
  2. Ancientpower
  3. Peck
  4. Odor Sleuth

OWalreinWalrein lv 100

  1. Water Gun
  2. Crunch
  3. Growl
  4. Powder Snow

OregiceRegice lv 100

  1. Icy Wind
  2. Explosion
  3. Superpower

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