Happiness is a measurement of how much a Pokemon loves his trainer. This is calculated in the Pokemon Games, but not in UnovaRPG. However, some Pokemon evolve by happiness. These Pokemon can be evolved without any requirements!

Pokemon that evolve by happinessEdit

OGolbatGolbat ----> OCrobatCrobat

OChanseyChansey ----> OBlisseyBlissey

OPICHUPichu ----> 025PikachuPikachu

OcleffaCleffa ----> OClefairyClefairy

OIgglybuffIggglybuff ----> OJigglypuffJigglypuff

OTogepiTogepi -----> OTogeticTogetic

OAzurillAzurill ----->OMarillMarill

OBudewBudew ----->ORoseliaRoselia

OBunearyBuneary ----->OLopunnyLopunny

OChinglingChingling ----->OChimechoChimecho

OMunchlaxMunchlax -----> 143SnorlaxSnorlax

OrioluRiolu ------> OlucarioLucario

OWoobatWoobat -------> 528SwoobatSwoobat

OSwadloonSwadloon ------>542LeavannyLeavanny

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