Ground-Type Pokemon

Trainer Class

Gym Leader, Team Rocket Boss


Earth Badge

Overworld Sprite

Giovanni Overworld


Giovanni is an Indigo Gym Leader. He specializes in Ground-type Pokemon.


111RhyhornRhyhorn lv 85

  1. Fury Attack
  2. Horn Attack
  3. Tail Whip
  4. Stomp

051DugtrioDugtrio lv 82

  1. Tri Attack
  2. Scratch
  3. Sand-attack
  4. Night Slash

031NidoqueenNidoqueen lv 83

  1. Poison Sting
  2. Double Kick
  3. Tail Whip
  4. Scratch

034NidokingNidoking lv 85

  1. Focus Energy
  2. Double Kick
  3. Peck
  4. Poison Sting

112RhydonRhydon lv 95

  1. Stomp
  2. Fury Attack
  3. Horn Attack
  4. Tail Whip

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