Evolution Stones

Glooms Evolution Family

An evolutionary stone is a stone-like item that radiates a mysterious energy that causes some species of Pokemon to evolve. Evolutionary stones may be used at any time, and cause instant evolution in the Pokémon they are used on. All evolutionary stones are applied directly to the Pokémon. All stones that cause evolution in a Pokémon are consumed upon that Pokémon's evolution.

List of stonesEdit

  • Firestone Fire Stone
  • Waterstone Water Stone
  • Thunderstone Thunder Stone
  • LeafStone Leaf Stone
  • Moonstone Moon Stone
  • Sunstone Sun Stone
  • Shinystone Shiny Stone
  • Duskstone Dusk Stone
  • Dawnstone Dawn Stone

Pokemonhi that evolve by using StonesEdit

Firestone Fire stoneEdit

OEeveeEevee ---> OFlareonFlareon

058GrowlitheGrowlithe --> 059ArcanineArcanine

OVulpixVulpix --> ONinetales Ninetales

OPansearPansear --> OSimisear Simisear

Waterstone Water StoneEdit

OEeveeEevee --> OVaporeonVaporeon

OLombreLombre --> Oludicolo Ludi

120StaryuStaryu --> 121StarmieStarmie

OPoliwhirlPoliwhirl -->OPoliwrathPoliwrath

OShellderShellder --> OCloyster Cloyster

OPanpour Panpour --> OSimipour Simhhh

Thunderstone Thunder StoneEdit

OEeveeEevee --> 135JolteonJolteon

025PikachuPikachu --> 026RaichuRaichu

OEelektrikEelektrik --> OEelektross Eelektross

LeafStone Leaf StoneEdit

OExeggcuteExeggcute --> OExeggutorExeggutor

OGloomGloom --> 045VileplumeVileplume

ONuzleafNuzleaf --> OShiftryShiftree

OWeepinbellWeepinbell -->071VictreebelVictreebel

511PansagePansage --> OSimisageSimisage

Moonstone Moon StoneEdit

OClefairyClefairy --> OclefableClefable

OJigglypuffJigglypuff --> OWigglytuffWigglytuff

ONidorinoNidorino --> 034NidokingNidoking

ONidorinaNidorina -->031NidoqueenNidoqueen

OSkittySkitty --> ODelcattyDelcatty

OMunnaMunna --> OMusharnaMusharna

Sunstone Sun StoneEdit

OSunkernSunkern --> OSunfloraSunflora

OGloomGloom --> OBellossom Bellossom

OCottoneeCottonee --> OWhimsicottWhimsicott

OPetililPetilil -->OLilligantLilligant

Dawnstone Dawn StoneEdit

OKirliaKirlia --> OGalladeGallade

OSnoruntSnorunt --> 478FroslassFroslass

Duskstone Dusk StoneEdit

OMurkrowMurkrow --> OHonchkrowHonchkrow

200MisdreavusMisdreavus --> OmismagiusMismagius

OLampent Lampent --> OChandelure Chandelure

Shinystone Shiny Stone Edit

OTogeticTogetic --> OTogekiss Togekiss

ORoseliaRoselia --> ORoserade Roserade

OMinccino Minccino --> OCinccinoCinccino

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